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Wednesday, July 25th, 2007
4:09 pm
Play Review
Help! I'm looking for a review of the David Wake Play at Contemplation (Inveigle). Not a big piece, necessarily, but it would be for publication in the Souvenir Book. If anyone can point me at a review, or part of their con report that included a piece about the play, that would be much welcomed.
Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
11:39 am
Moloch completes season three
Season three has become the first complete season of Blake's 7 to get the Wobblevision treatment with Moloch. The episode features femslash and torture, but no underpants. It was shot at Contemplation over Easter in Chester and can be found here:

Saturday, April 14th, 2007
6:57 pm
JETS results
We now have a winner!

Congratulations to Chris O'Shea, who is off to JAPAN!

More info and vote breakdown here!

Thank you to all of the candidates for a great race, and to everyone who voted.
Friday, April 13th, 2007
11:55 pm
More con pics from Nojay

 Each is about 2.5Mb in size if you're on dial-up. They can be used in the souvenir book if desired.
11:56 am
Eastercon photos from Nikkums
My Eastercon photos are now online. If any of them are suitable for use in the souvenir book then you're welcome to use them and I can provide higher resolution originals.

They're mostly worksafe... it depends on how you feel about blue pipecleaners and silver pompons... :)
Thursday, April 12th, 2007
2:57 pm
12:34 pm
JETS voting closes tomorrow, please vote for me!
As Abi (who would also be a great JETS candidate!) said
JETS voting closes at midnight tomorrow. There's still time to vote, though, and if you're eligible and you haven't it would be fabulous if you were to do so. You are eligible if you're based in Europe and were either active in fandom before 2005 or a member of the 2005 WorldCon.

At this stage, the easiest way to vote will be via PayPal. Send your £4 voting fee (slightly higher to cover PayPal's admin costs) to alison@kittywompus.com, together with a note saying who you are voting for and in what order. It may be possible to still get a ballot there on time in the post (or you may be seeing bohemiancoast, fishlifter or flick between now and midnight tomorrow!), in which case fill it out, put it in an envelope with £3, and send to:

League of Fan Funds
c/o 59 Shirley Road

You can find the form in .pdf format here.

Voting is by preferential ballot-which means that you vote by ranking the candidates in order of who you'd most like to go. Given that there are seven people in this race, your second-place votes really are likely to make a difference, so if you've already committed to voting for someone else, putting me in second place on the form would also be fabulous.
She's absolutely right. If you want to put her first, please do so, but put me second, and if you want to put me first, then Abi would make a brilliant second choice.
Chris "The Magician" O'Shea
Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
8:24 pm
Contemplation Hotel Finance Wrapup
John has asked me to say that we made the spend comfortably, thanks all very much, and also that the collection for the hotel staff raised over £600, thanks to everyone in the closing ceremony and those who gave us money for that as they were leaving.
6:28 pm
Contemplation - the Next Phase
Thanks to everyone who attended Contemplation, it was brilliant. The next thing we need to work on is the Souvenir Book.

With that in mind, if you have photos you wouldn't mind us using for the book, can you do one of the following:

a) post them to Flickr using the tag "contemplation book", we will assume all photos tagged as such are available for publication
b) send us a CD with them on (to 4, Burnside Avenue, Sheffield, S8 9FR for now)
c) upload them in printable quality to a webspace that you host and point us at where we can download them

so we can attribute the ones we use. If you can do none of those things, please let me know and we can arrange something else.
6:19 am
Video of "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Robot"
Here is the video from Beyond Cyberdrome's Intermission Games (I'm Sorry I Haven't a Robot) at Contemplation, this year's Eastercon.
Show media Loading...

As an added bonus, we also have the Magnotron Crescent map.
Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
8:54 pm
Eastercon Redux
That Was The Weekend That Was. Read more...Collapse )
6:47 pm
Convention reviews
Fran and I would like to thank everyone for making Contemplation so enjoyable, we couldn't have done it without your help.

Of course we were far too busy to see much of the convention, so if you want to post up reviews, comments, links to photos/blogs/online fanzines etc. we'd be delighted to see them.

And if you don't want something to be considered for publication in the Contemplation souvenir book, please mark it "DNP" or "Do Not Publish" at the top.

Similarly if you are worried about your name appearing in the souvenir book (or want to make sure only your fannish/badge name is used, again let us know.

Thanks again.

co-chair Contemplation 2007

Current Mood: accomplished
4:18 pm
Contemplation pictures
My pictures from Contemplation are here:
Thursday, April 5th, 2007
1:52 pm
Volunteers wanted for photography
On Saturday afternoon, there will be a photographer in attendance at Eastercon seeking volunteers to be photographed for the cover image of the next issue of Farthing magazine. It's planned to use one of the hotel rooms to take digital photos of volunteers and to photoshop the images into a cover image based loosely on the cover of the Beatles' "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band".

If you want to be in the frame, look out for more details at the Farthing table in the dealers' room or for fliers around the con.

No-one will be photographed without their permission and the photographer will not be taking shots anywhere else at the convention, this is strictly a volunteer-only thing.
Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
10:09 am
Wot? no turkey reading?
Yes, there is a turkey reading at Contemplation, we were too clever for our own good and cunningly disguised it as:

X-Factor SF
Roodee Fri 22:00 - 23:00
Got a piece of sf or fantasy writing you think has the X-Factor? bring it along and read a few lines for our judges to criticise. The audience will vote on the finalists …
Vincent Docherty, Tanya Brown, Nick Mills, Alice Lawson

So dig out your crap ...
Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007
5:50 pm
"Final" Contemplation Programme
The programme for Eastercon this weekend is up on the website, in the final version as shown in the ReadMe. Any changes to this will be announced at the convention. Please note Friday night programming has changed since the last version, so if you were planning your evening based on it, have another look.

See you soon!

1:34 pm
Beyond Cyberdrome 2007 Intermission Games
As you may have read elsewhere, Beyond Cyberdrome 2007 was cancelled, but never fear, we've created the Beyond Cyberdrome Intermission Games to entertain you instead. The games will feature two teams playing comedy panel games against each each other in front of an audience. We have plans for several very different rounds, all of which bear remarkable similarities to programmes you may have heard on Radio 4. If you know your Orac from your C-3PO and people keep pointing at you and laughing, we need you to take part. Here is a taster of a few of the things we have planned:
  • Desert Moon Robots - explain which fictional robot assistant you would take with you if you were to be stranded on a deserted moon and why.
  • Cychotics' Question Time - contestants are challenged by members of the audience to explain how they would use robots to solve everyday problems. Extra points awarded for creative use of heavy weaponry (swords into ploughshares).
  • Just a Robot - talk for a minute in the style of your chosen robot on a given subject (eg. "my favourite lubricant" or "is there a silicon heaven") without hesitation, deviation, or repetition.
  • What's my Robot - guess the name of the other team's robot within a set time limit using only questions with yes or no answers.
If you want to take part (go on, you know you want to), comment here, email me (alex at beyond cyberdrome dot org dot uk), or come and find me or SMS at the con. You'll need to take on a robotic alias, preferably one you can do a convincing imitation of for the Just a Robot round. We're planning to hold a rehearsal/brainstorming session in somebody's bedroom on the Saturday night prior to the games themselves, which will be on Sunday night at 11PM in the Roodee room.
Friday, March 30th, 2007
11:48 pm
Chester Food and Drink
I've just discovered that Contemplation falls during the Chester Food and Drink Festival. Whilst the cheese rolling occurs--too late, and I've never rolled a cheese before--on Wednesday, there is the promising-looking Tenner Fest some of whose offers run over Easter weekend.
Thursday, March 29th, 2007
8:19 am
Virgin rail over Easter
I received the following from Virgin, which may influence some people's tarvel plans:

During the Easter holiday from Good Friday 6 April until Tuesday 10 April Network Rail will be continuing work to complete the upgrade of the West Coast Main Line in readiness for faster and more frequent Virgin West Coast services from December 2008. Coach shuttle services will replace Virgin West Coast and Virgin CrossCountry trains for parts of their journeys in some areas, and some trains will be diverted. Although journey times will be unavoidably increased, every effort will be made to minimise inconvenience to customers.

>From Good Friday 6 until Easter Monday 9 April inclusive, major engineering work at Rugby will prevent trains from running from the Midlands and north into London Euston and the West Coast route will also be affected by other engineering work at Wolverhampton and Glasgow. Work on the Midland Main Line will reduce services into and out of London St Pancras on Easter Sunday 8 and Easter Monday 9 April.

Click here for more information on Virgin Trains services over the Easter period >


Most altered train times are now confirmed and trains are open for reservation. Customers are advised to check Easter holiday travel details in advance with National Rail Enquiries on 08457 48 49 50, or at

If you no longer wish to receive these messages please use this URL in your browser http://jm01.co.uk/rsp01/unsubs.php?b=1&msgid=6184844&emailid=225140576&emailaddress=steve.rogerson@journalist.co.uk&fname=&lname=

However, as a valued Virgin Trains customer, we'd like to keep you informed about important changes, new products or services and special offers we believe may interest you.
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