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Alex Holden

Beyond Cyberdrome 2007 Intermission Games

As you may have read elsewhere, Beyond Cyberdrome 2007 was cancelled, but never fear, we've created the Beyond Cyberdrome Intermission Games to entertain you instead. The games will feature two teams playing comedy panel games against each each other in front of an audience. We have plans for several very different rounds, all of which bear remarkable similarities to programmes you may have heard on Radio 4. If you know your Orac from your C-3PO and people keep pointing at you and laughing, we need you to take part. Here is a taster of a few of the things we have planned:
  • Desert Moon Robots - explain which fictional robot assistant you would take with you if you were to be stranded on a deserted moon and why.
  • Cychotics' Question Time - contestants are challenged by members of the audience to explain how they would use robots to solve everyday problems. Extra points awarded for creative use of heavy weaponry (swords into ploughshares).
  • Just a Robot - talk for a minute in the style of your chosen robot on a given subject (eg. "my favourite lubricant" or "is there a silicon heaven") without hesitation, deviation, or repetition.
  • What's my Robot - guess the name of the other team's robot within a set time limit using only questions with yes or no answers.
If you want to take part (go on, you know you want to), comment here, email me (alex at beyond cyberdrome dot org dot uk), or come and find me or SMS at the con. You'll need to take on a robotic alias, preferably one you can do a convincing imitation of for the Just a Robot round. We're planning to hold a rehearsal/brainstorming session in somebody's bedroom on the Saturday night prior to the games themselves, which will be on Sunday night at 11PM in the Roodee room.
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