fran dowd (frandowdsofa) wrote in eastercon2007,
fran dowd

Contemplation - the Next Phase

Thanks to everyone who attended Contemplation, it was brilliant. The next thing we need to work on is the Souvenir Book.

With that in mind, if you have photos you wouldn't mind us using for the book, can you do one of the following:

a) post them to Flickr using the tag "contemplation book", we will assume all photos tagged as such are available for publication
b) send us a CD with them on (to 4, Burnside Avenue, Sheffield, S8 9FR for now)
c) upload them in printable quality to a webspace that you host and point us at where we can download them

so we can attribute the ones we use. If you can do none of those things, please let me know and we can arrange something else.
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