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This is now the OFFICIAL community of Contemplation, the 2007 British National Science Fiction Convention ("Eastercon") to be held *somewhere* over the Easter 2007 weekend, April 6th-9th 2007.

Contemplation - Eastercon 2007 logo

The first things to discuss are possible venues, and then programme items and all the 1,001 other things that need to be done to put on an Eastercon.

You can discuss sharing a lift up/back, what the convention will be like, finding panellists for a programme item you're on, recommending good restaurants nearby and anything else about attending the convention.

If you ask a question here, it may be answered by other fans (just like you) and (if you give us a few minutes) by someone on the Contemplation committee/staff. If you want an official comment or answer, then ask them directly (the address is given above).

Try to keep things light and positive please; no flame wars, nothing negative about Convoy (the convention that had to cancel) and remember that some of the people that find this community may not have been to an Eastercon (or any convention) before, so play nice with the newcomers and encourage them to come to and enjoy their first Eastercon.

For more on Eastercons, you can visit
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For official information on Convoy, visit their website
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