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JETS voting closes tomorrow, please vote for me!

As Abi (who would also be a great JETS candidate!) said
JETS voting closes at midnight tomorrow. There's still time to vote, though, and if you're eligible and you haven't it would be fabulous if you were to do so. You are eligible if you're based in Europe and were either active in fandom before 2005 or a member of the 2005 WorldCon.

At this stage, the easiest way to vote will be via PayPal. Send your £4 voting fee (slightly higher to cover PayPal's admin costs) to, together with a note saying who you are voting for and in what order. It may be possible to still get a ballot there on time in the post (or you may be seeing bohemiancoast, fishlifter or flick between now and midnight tomorrow!), in which case fill it out, put it in an envelope with £3, and send to:

League of Fan Funds
c/o 59 Shirley Road

You can find the form in .pdf format here.

Voting is by preferential ballot-which means that you vote by ranking the candidates in order of who you'd most like to go. Given that there are seven people in this race, your second-place votes really are likely to make a difference, so if you've already committed to voting for someone else, putting me in second place on the form would also be fabulous.
She's absolutely right. If you want to put her first, please do so, but put me second, and if you want to put me first, then Abi would make a brilliant second choice.
Chris "The Magician" O'Shea
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